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You will also love Akdenia Mixed Herbal Tea which we have compiled from the most delicious seasons with 17 fresh plants (17 flavors and 1 glass) that are the source of vitality and refreshment in Anatolia.

Although Akdenia Herbal Tea is obtained from the same plants as other herbal teas, the difference between them is; It stems from the Mediterranean blend of 17 herbs and its processing technique.

Akdenia Herbal Tea is processed more than other herbal teas. while herbal teas are obtained by roasting and drying the plant leaves after they are collected, Akdenia Tea is obtained by grinding in a mill after being roasted and dried and it is not allowed to react with oxygen while drying, this is one of the important privileges that makes Akdenia Herbal Tea different and special from other herbal teas. You can consume your Akdenia herbal tea either cold as ice or hot or hot.