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D&Y Global Trade, the Mississauga in Canada in 2018, by Dimes Canada and Yesu Group International is a company established to make food trade between Canada and Turkey. D&Y exporting sunflower and olive oil from Turkey by inserting the Canadian market, has led to meet the market needs in Canada.

We are working with some of the country’s most respected companies like Walmart. We supply these Turkish products from our warehouses in Ontario, Alberta and Quebec


Vegetable Oils and Health


people who follow a mediterranean style diet thats is rich in olive oil may be at a lower risk of depression.

Heart Health

Helps slow down heart aging process, antioxidants may offer protection against red blood cells

Keeps Bones Healthy

Help Prevent the loss of calcium related to developing osteoporosis during later years

Colon Cancer

Research by Spanish scientist has show including olive in the diet lowers the risk of the cancer.


Olive oil make it easier to control or lose weight due to its high nutrient value.


People who follow a Mediterranean style diet thats is rich in olive oil may be a lower risk of depression.